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Founded in 2006, PT Bintang Chemical Indonesia is one of the fastest growing mid-size Paint and Coating manufacturer in Indonesia. Envisioned to be the most innovative paint and coating company in Indonesia, we are trusted on having high quality product with high standard and consistency, supported by innovative research and development as well as lean manufacturing system.


Automotive Refinish

Collision Car Repair nowadays is still predominantly solvent based. Global trends showed that it will be still in solvent based systems but shifted to higher solid systems due to better efficiency (by faster curing and faster workability) as well as lower VOC. Our full range of automotive refinish covers every layer step with exceptional benefit in quality without losing its competitiveness.
Our PU 2K medium solid; high solid Clear Coat are leading in our domestic market. Even, our latest development, Ultra High Solid PU 2K clear coat based on latest polymer technology can provide ultimate performance such as High Film Build, High Gloss due to its super high solid content at spray viscosity, excellent chemical and solvent resistant and good durability, has super fast early hardness development at room temperature.

Wood Finishing

Wood is a living aesthetic material which needs to be protected as well as decorated. Solvent borne coating is still the main preference to date even though the usage trend of waterborne coating is increasing significantly. We are leading in industrial, export oriented, furniture industries as well as preferred supplier for various high-end wood projects. Owing various type of indoor and outdoor wood finishing systems such as nitrocellulose coating for antique finishing; less scratch nitrocellulose top coat products; as well as various Polyurethane 2K and 1K / 2K water borne systems, both are for solid color and natural. Our products are heavy metal pigments and phthalate free

Industrial Metal Coating

Metal, particularly steel based material, is essential to be protected against corrosion. We are serving broad portfolio of industrial metal coating, 1K or 2K; air dry, baking enamel and even low temperature curing baking enamel. Our metal coating application covers domestic appliances, metal part-furniture; ACE equipment segment. We provide protection from Primer to Top Coat; as well as monocoat system – Direct to Metal, which is now getting more popular due to its efficiency. Enhancing the aesthetic appearance is also possible by exploring from high gloss to matt appearance without sacrificing adhesion, corrosion protection as well as chemical and solvent resistant.

Decorative Metal Coating

Metal decoration and light duty protection of metal are mainly used as coating for metal security grill, car park and even roof tile in rural area. The goal is to focus on easiness to use without sacrificing of its competitiveness.

BELKOTE PU 2K Clear Coat 3000 is a 2-component Polyurethane-based lacquer. It is built on the latest acrylic resin technology. Watch what they say about the product


  • Selama ini kita pakai product Belkote sangat senang dari sisi harganya yg  terjangkau dan sangat puas dari sisi kualitasnya yg baik. Product PU 2K Surfacer yg 30min bisa langsung di amplas sangat membantu kami dalam kecepatan waktu kering nya. Dan product Pernish 4100 untuk di kelas 4:1 sangat baik hasil kinclong kilapnya. Pertahankan terus untuk harga yg terjangkau dan kualitas yg memuaskan ini.

    (Kepala Lapangan Jaya Baru Motor)
  • Working with PT Bintang Chemical since 2017 continues to be an outstanding experience. Continuously grows with relentless innovations, PT Bintang Chemical will be one of the determining force in the market.

    PT. Connell Bersaudara Chemindo
  • Clear Belkote adalah clear yg sangat bagus dikelasnya, dengan viscositas dan ke jernihannya yg dimiliki, Belkote juga mempunyai keunggulan cepat kering sehingga tidak menunggu waktu yg lama, pekerjaan jadi cepat selesai, mengaplikasikannya juga mudah dan tidak rewel

    - Owner Bengkel Parahyangan Body Repair - Pekan Baru
  • " Menggunakan 4100 full body di honda mobilio, puas dengan hasilnya dengan 2 lapis sudah cukup, Clear Belkote lebih kental dari produk kompetitor dengan harga yang hampir sama di harga 100rb kebawah,  dengan kelebihan tersebut Clear Belkote jadi lebih irit"

    Owner Bengkel - Tanjung Senang,

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